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Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability Mission

MIP works with the purpose of optimizing the link between profitability and risk, anticipating, avoiding, minimizing, mitigating or compensating the factors that may imply a risk for the natural environment, the community or society, human rights and the members of the organization.

Under these conditions, MIP seeks to create and promote social, cultural, environmental and corporate conditions that facilitate investment and development confidence under of equality and equity that generates development for present and future generations.


MIP Invests in projects that have a clear positive environmental impact. We are always looking for new projects that meet these requirements.
MIP has a strong commitment to renewable energy, with a total of 14% of its portfolio being invested in renewables. By 2030, MIP plans to increase its share of renewable energy to 25%.


We have the support of the Afores, which manage 44% of Mexican pensions. This comes with high social responsibility.

MIP has also focused on having a gender perspective. Today, 40% of our team are women and we continue working to achieve greater gender equality.

Corporate Governance

MIP has developed an institutional and transparent structure where its incentives are aligned with those of its investors.
1.- Investment Committee with independent members who advise the funds' strategy.
2.- Technical Committee that analyzes and approves strategic investments.
3.- Investments with contracts financed with project partners and holding companies.
4.- All investments are in projects with granted permits.